Employees Document Management

HR professionals and company owners face a lot of problems while documenting employees. With HRM Wage, documentation becomes an easy and hassle-free task.

All Documents

Development and Implementation of HR strategy

HR professionals can easily upload the HR strategy documents on this software and make it known to all employees as what they are supposed to do or what not to do.

  • New Employees Process

    Management of the adaptation process of new employees

    Just use this HRM software to upload all documents related to new employees and determine which training sessions or course he/she needs to adapt to the company culture.

  • Competence Level Management

    Easy management of the competence level of all employees

    This HRM software displays all information about employees, allow HR professionals to evaluate their performance, and compensate them accordingly.

How It Works
  • Documentation

    Hassle-free Documentation

    HR professionals can easily upload all documents related to employees and maintain their records in e-form. They can also take its prints for office use, recruitment drives, salary calculation, and increment, etc.

  • Remuneration

    A helping hand in remuneration for good work

    Using the database stored on this HRM software, HR professionals can easily determine the performance of employees and award the deserving remuneration to them for good works.

  • Movement of Cadres

    Movement of cadres From One branch to Another

    With the help of this HRM software, you can easily prepare a list of employees that need to be transferred to a new branch and perform the action easily.

  • Tracking Total Workers

    Tracking the number of total workers

    With easy documentation and tracking features, you can easily track the total number of employees working with your organization and manage them accordingly.

Key Features
Training List
  • Management of Training
    Management of training or retraining of employees

    AS HRM wage is equipped with several features and functionalities, it becomes easier for HR professionals to manage the training or retraining of employees.

  • Labor Costs Control
    Control of labor costs

    HRM Wage helps HR professionals to track the non-performing employees and control the CTC effectively.

  • Working Time
    Control on working time and career development

    HRM Wage automatically displays the total working hour and career opportunities with the company. It allows employees to work accordingly and get enhancement as per the applicable provisions.

  • Easy Filling
    Easy filling of personal cards of employees

    HRM Wage allows HR professionals to design and print Company ID cards for employees by providing the necessary info within a few clicks.

HRM Wage
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