Attendance Tracking Software

Tracking the performance of all employees of an organisation is a very difficult job for HR professionals. That is why using this HRM app is beneficial for them.

Integration of HRM Software

Integration of the HRM software with biometric devices

HR professionals can integrate this CRM software with biometric devices and track the attendance of their employees easily.

  • Secure Login

    Secure login and logout facility

    This HRM software provides secure login and logout facilities for employees. So, HR professionals don't need to deal with the hazards of manual attendance register.

  • Mobile Login

    Mobile login and logout facility

    Is a very useful feature for companies that get their work done by remote employees. Employees can easily login to the HRM software using their mobile devices.

How It Works
  • Time Tracking

    Time Tracking

    Our HRM software automatically displays the total time spent by employees in the company. It also gives notification to HR if someone’s contribution is less than the set parameter.

  • Leave Application

    Leave application and tracking

    Forget the hassle of leave application through emails. Just apply for leaves on the HRM software and get an instant response from the HR professionals. Employees can also track their leave balance easily.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Performance Evaluation

    Using our HRM software team leaders and HR professionals can easily evaluate the performance of employees on set parameters and take a solid decision to continue with the most talented staff.

  • Automatic Reminders

    Automatic Reminders

    Our HRM Software sends automatic email reminders to employees and HR professionals about the important events of the company and lets them act accordingly.

Key Features
Payroll Detail
  • Salary Appraisal
    A Great help in Salary Appraisal

    This HRM software automatically generates customised reports for each and every employee of an organisation is a professional can use the force while morning for salary appraisal of employees.

  • Records Maintenance
    Maintenance of Records

    Our HRM software as a centralised record system in which you can maintain the records of your employees at one place and track their work easily.

  • Easy Updating
    Easy Updating of Details

    Whenever needed, you can easily update the details of your employees with a few clicks and help the company know the exact status about the working staff.

  • Unauthorised Access
    No Unauthorised Access

    Only authorized candidates can access this HRM & use its different features. So, HR professionals have a better control over employee management.

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