Insurance Benefits

Almost all leading companies insurance benefits to loyal and committed employees. The calculation of insurance benefits for each and every employee is a very troublesome task and involves a lot of calculations. But, with HRM Wage, it becomes easier. Have a look at its role in the determination of insurance benefits for different employees.

Manage CPF Setting

Automatic collection of information necessary for insurance registration

Based on manual input done by HR professionals, HRM wage automatically collects information necessary for insurance registration.

  • Existing information

    Adjustment of existing information

    HR professionals can easily edit the existing information stored on the HRM software database and add/delete new facts.

  • Necessary Information

    Automated search for necessary information

    Just type the employee name or his/her job code and this HRM software will automatically display all details related to him/her. A great boon for HR professionals!

How It Works
  • Insurance System

    Storage of the database needed for the insurance system

    HRM Wage stores all the date required for providing insurance benefits to employees. If any info is unavailable, it will indicate you for that.

  • Better Control Insurance

    A better control on insurance and applications

    HRM Wage allows you to control insurance and applications filed by candidates and reward only the deserving candidates.

  • Easy Printed

    Easy Printed of insurance Documents

    With its help, HR professionals can easily print insurance Documents and hand over to the respective employees for their satisfaction.

  • User Interaction

    User Interaction

    Using this HRM software, HR professionals can easily extract data about a particular employee and let him/her know the actual status of the insurance benefits.

Key Features
Add CPF Setting
  • Quick Access
    Give Quick Access to Employees about the insurance company

    With just a few clicks, employees can know the insurance company and see the available benefits.

  • Up to date Database
    Maintenance of database and keeping it up to date

    HR professionals can easily maintain the huge database of different employees and update it from time-to-time as per specific needs.

  • Automated Accounting
    Automated accounting and systematization of insurance contracts

    These two features provide a great relief to HR professionals and company owners and enable them to provide insurance benefits to employees.

  • Current Status
    Current status and movement of insurance

    You can easily get the up-to-date information about your insurance benefits and its movement with a single using the HRM wage Software.

HRM Wage
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