Employee Performance Management

HRM Wage has numerous features, specially designed to allow HR professionals to perform different duties with a great ease. Just have a look at some key features of our HRM software-

Holidays List

Accounting Staff

With its use, HR professionals can Keep copies of important records of the employees of the company and use them for different works.

  • Self Service

    Self-service Options

    HRM Wage allows employees to log in and perform a number of tasks such as updating their data, requesting for brief leave periods, etc.

  • Employees Gift

    A Gift For Employees

    Our HRM software allows employees to sign up for benefits and manage their options for different beneficial schemes launched by the companies easily and effortlessly.

How It Works
  • Recruitment Drive

    Hassle-free Recruitment Drive

    Just use this marvelous HRM software to track applicants and manage the hiring process easily.

  • Adaptations


    HRM wage helps the new employees to adapt quickly into the work culture of a company by providing them the training and resources they need.

  • Successful Planning

    Successful Planning

    HR professionals can use our HRM software for future staffing needs to reduce the company’s dependence on key employees & have a substitution plan for important roles in the future.

  • Easy Accumulation

    Easy Accumulation of Training Materials to New Employees

    HRM Wage allows you to plan the needs of your employees in advance for training and development.

Key Features
Performance Review
  • Performance Review
    Performance Review

    Just use this HRM software to easily monitor the work of employees every year, establish new goals and objectives, and access their track record easily.

  • Personalized Report
    Easy Creation of Personalized Report About Employees

    This HRM software allows HR professionals to analyze the data of employees, create personalized reports about several things like attendance, turnover, employee satisfaction, etc, and inform the company management about the same.

  • Time and Attendance
    Time and Attendance Tracking

    Use this HRM software to track the time and attendance of employees and compensate them accordingly.

  • Instant Communication
    Instant Communication Among HR Professionals and Employees

    With its help, HR individuals can easily send important news about the company to employees and let them be prepared for it in advance.

HRM Wage
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