Secure Employee Database

In almost all companies, HR files contain sensitive & confidential information about the company, it's policies, details of all employees, accounting, etc. So, if such information is leaked, it not only affects the reputation of companies but their business also. So, just strengthen your the security of your important data with HRM wage.

Employee’s Detail

Easy Storage of Employee’s Data at One Place

Forget the hassle of files. Use HRM wage to store all data of employees at one place with an additional security layer.

  • Protection Against Unauthorized Access

    Protection Against Unauthorized Access

    HRM wage is safe for use. It asks individuals to prove their identity and prevents unauthorised access. It asks individuals to prove their identity and prevents unauthorised access.

  • Information Minimization

    Information Minimization

    Our HRM software performs information minimization, allowing HR professionals to get the details of Employees in a click.

How It Works
  • Authentication

    Two-Step Authentication

    If needed, you can use the two-step authentication to add an additional layer of security to your data.

  • Personal Information Management

    Personal Information Management

    HR professionals can streamline the personal information of employees using this software and operate different HR activities easily.

  • User Roles

    System Administration & User Roles

    HRM ways allow you to supervise the system administration and user roles as per your specific needs.

  • Data Breach Warning

    Data Breach Warning System

    HRM wage instantly delivers SMS and email notifications when somebody tries to breach your data. Be aware and save your data from unauthorized access.

Key Features
  • Feeding or Deleting Details
    Feeding or Deleting Details

    Within a few clicks, feed or delete your employee’s detail to the HRM. This helps you to clean unnecessary data off and keep the HR business going on.

  • Tracking Details
    Easy Tracking of Details with Automatic suggestions

    This HRM software automatically suggests you the details of employees if previously entered. So, you can easily track their details and keep the business going on.

  • Data Retrieval
    Hassle-free Data Retrieval

    Usually, it doesn't happen. But, if the HRM software stops its work all of a sudden, don't worry about its data. All your details are stored on its server. We will help you to recover the data upon your request.

  • Security Audit
    Regular Security Audit

    Over CRM software developers regularly audit its security features and make the necessary improvements if required. So, don't worry about the security of your employee’s data.

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