Event Reminder Software

Use the HRM wage, create reminders quickly for employees and manage the business flow easily. Just have a look at the main features of the notifications and reminders of HRM Wage-

All Employees Base

A single Base For All Employees

HR professionals will have a single base containing all the necessary contact information of employees, which makes it easier for them to send different types of reminders to employees and keep them informed about the future activities.

  • Clients Coordination

    Easy Coordination With Clients

    HRM Wage allows HR professionals and employees to schedule different works easily and mark that as completed.

  • Easy Interaction

    Easy Interaction Among the Different Departments of the Company

    With different notifications and reminders, all departments of a company can easily interact with each other and be prepared for special events and celebrations.

How It Works
  • Employee’s Activities

    A Good Control Over Employee’s Activities

    HRM Wage enables the HR professionals and company owners to monitor the execution of assignments and instructions.

  • Future Events

    Advance Planning About Future Events

    Our HRM software allows HR professionals to plan for future events easily and inform employees in advance through notifications.

  • Quick Reminders

    Quick Reminders

    Based on the setting and input, our HRM software automatically reminds employees of all important events and functions in a year.

  • SMS Notifications

    SMS Notifications

    HRM Wage offers the facility of SMS notifications, allowing HR professionals to notify employees of important events through SMS.

Key Features
 Assignments Details
  • Distribution Assignments
    Easy Distribution of Assignments Among Employees

    The company owner, HR professionals, and team leaders can easily able to give assignments to other members of the organization using this HRM software and get the work done.

  • Documentation

    This HRM software automatically various documents and forms, which eliminates staff errors and saves the working time.

  • Accumulated Reports
    Accumulated Reports to the Company Director

    With the help of this HRM software, HR professionals can easily send a whole complex of management reports, which allows company owners to analyze the organization's activities from different sides.

  • Telephony Services
    Easy Integration With Telephony Services

    Our HRM software is equipped with Ultra-modern communication function along with telephone exchange. So, HR professionals can see the caller's data instantly and immediately refer them by the actual name.

HRM Wage
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