resolve employees cases easily

Resolve Employees' Cases Easily

A case management system helps your employees to get their respective issues resolved directly from the HR department. Track their request status, reply to their questions, solve their problems, and manage many more things, through a single section in the HRM Wage software.

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  • respond to requests Respond to requests and inquiries faster
  • improved hr service experience Improved HR service experience for employees
  • self service feature Self-service feature to contact the HR
  • access the company Access the company's knowledge resources on the go
  • seamlessly manage documentation Seamlessly manage documentation & interactions

Efficient Tool That Simplifies Case Management

In an organization, employees come across different types of problems and confusion. An HR case management software like HRM Wage can connect your employees to the right concerned person in the HR department to resolve their issues. Besides, it helps the HR professionals to timely respond to the tickets, which considerably improves the employee's experience.

facilitate direct communication with-hr
Facilitate Direct Communication with HR

HRM Wage is a feature-rich HR case management system. It enables employees to directly contact the HR team, irrespective of where they are. It is better than reaching out to the HR department via emails and phone calls.

answer questions
Answer Questions On The Go

Through HRM Wage, the HR professionals can view the case, add comments, and eventually solve the problem from their end, in a fast and efficient manner. It allows employees to directly ask questions via the mobile application.

get feedback from employees
Get Feedback From Employees

Employee feedback is the most important thing for the HR department to improve and become better. With a good HR case management system, your workforce members can easily submit feedback related to their recently raised tickets and give suggestions to improve the service.

fetch additional help for employees
Fetch Additional Help For Employees

Sometimes, the problem is not directly related to the HR department. In that case, HR professionals can contact the respective person, and get the issue resolved. This way, the HR team can offer additional help to the workforce members.

improve your case management
Improve Your Case Management

With HRM Wage HR case management software, you can analyze which type of tickets are mostly raised by the employees. Accordingly, you can add their answers to the documentation or take similar action to eliminate the root cause of the issue. This way, the employees don't bring up the case in the first place.

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