smart solution for payroll processing

Smart Solution For Payroll Processing

Your payroll and HR management system should be in sync with each other to make the process fast and efficient. HRM Wage payroll management system comes with comprehensive features and an easy-to-use interface. So, your HR team can accurately and efficiently deal with payroll processing.

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  • easy access features Easy access features for employee self-service
  • collaborative reports Collaborative reports with time & attendance data
  • ensure compliance Ensure compliance with local policies
  • Highly efficient and secure system Highly efficient and secure system
  • Centralized management of payroll Centralized management of payroll
  • manage increments Manage increments, reimbursements & incentives efficiently

Hassle-Free Payroll Management

automatic sync of employee records
Automatic Sync of Employee Records

HRM Wage keeps your employees' profiles updated via automated sync of details like name, profile, joining date, department, etc. As a leading software for hr and payroll, it eliminates the need to change the records manually. Once properly set up, the employee data keeps synchronizing on its own.

employees attendance details on fingertips
Employees' Attendance Details on Fingertips

Say goodbye to manually calculating the work days and leaves of employees! HRM Wage offers you features for the automatic calculation for off days and gives you proper reporting on employee attendance.

salary calculation as per company policies
Salary Calculation As Per Company's Policies

The salary policy of every company is different. That's why we allow you to introduce your own rules and parameters in our HRMS payroll software to calculate the salary. Whether you want to offer incentives or make deductions, you can seamlessly do that with HRM Wage

Keeps Your Payroll Information Safe

Payroll system consists of sensitive information like employee bank account details, salary details, and tax details, which must be secured from unauthorized access. Your HR team can define the access rights for different employees according to their designations with the help of the HRM Wage workforce payroll system, and keep their payroll data safe.

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