tailored new employees onboarding experience

Tailored New Employees Onboarding Experience

With customized onboarding through HRM Wage, you can ensure the best experience for new employees. Welcome new talents to your company and make them familiar to the organization in an impactful way. An employee onboarding software is the most effective solution to help freshers understand their roles & responsibilities in the organization.

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Welcome New Employees With Impactful Onboarding

features for effective offer letter management
Features For Effective Offer Letter Management

With HRM Wage, offer letter management becomes easy and simple. The HR professionals can send documents like offer letters, company policies, and other forms to them before the joining day. The HR onboarding software enables the new joiners to save time for other important tasks on their first working day.

hassle free onboarding of new Joiners
Hassle-Free Onboarding of New Joiners

HRM Wage lets you create a customized onboarding experience for employees according to their respective profiles. As a result, you can offer them an impactful welcome without any Hassle.

This way, an HR onboarding system helps engage the employees so that they stay with your company for a long time.

create customized workflows for employees
Create Customized Workflows For Employees

With the best HR onboarding software, you can create customized workflows for both new candidates and existing employees. Either you can use pre-designed templates for that or create new ones, as per your requirements. Some of the fields which are pre-included in the software are workflow name, status, description, etc.

detailed reports helpful analytics
Effectively Collect The New Joiners Data

Employee data is an important asset that HR professionals use to manage employees. So, collecting it properly becomes very crucial. HRM Wage software ensures that all the details of new joiners are gathered and uploaded properly. This way, the HR department can easily update new joiners' details in the database and use it to improve their experience.

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