leading hr document management system

Leading HR Document Management System

Everyday work of the HR department involves dealing with paperwork for multiple purposes. Onboarding, exit interviews, and similar processes require HR professionals to stay on top of document management. HRM Wage employee document management software makes their work easy by offering a cloud system for organizing documents, sharing confidential files, creating folders, and more.

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  • reduce the risk Reduce the risk of document loss with enhanced security
  • centralized access Centralized access to all the employee documents
  • efficiently send a letter Efficiently send a letter using simple and customizable actions
  • e-sign Fast and accurate e-signing via the digital signature feature

Centralized System For Hassle-Free HR Paperwork

With HRM Wage's centralized HR document management, the work of your HR professionals becomes organized and secure. Say goodbye to searching documents in huge stacks of paper, and incorporate a feature-packed cloud HR document management system. Reduce the use of hard copies and make HR documentation fast, safe and effective.

define rules for document access
Define Rules For Document Access

With the best employee document management software, you can create documents with an expiry date. So, after a certain time, the document's access is automatically taken back from the respective workforce members. Plus, all the updated policies can be viewed by all the employees and stakeholders to ensure transparency and build trust.

Share Documents Securely
Share Documents Securely

HRM Wage ensures that your organization's sensitive information and important documents are shared securely with the concerned authorities. Suppose, there is an important file that you only want the team leaders to edit; you can define read-only access for other employees before sharing it. Also, you can exclude some members from access if required.

Get Documents Signed Remotely
Get Documents Signed Remotely

The HR department is required to prepare and send many documents that need to be signed by the employees, like work contracts, policies, offer letters, etc. HRM Wage is the leading human resources document management system that offers an e-signature feature using which the concerned person can sign documents digitally from any location. Plus, the process of sending the required papers and storing them back, once they get signed can also be automated within the software itself.

Centralized Vault For HR Documents
Centralized Vault For HR Documents

HRM Wage allows you to categorize documents into different sections. Your HR team can easily create new policies, appraisal files, offer letters, and other important documents and control how the workforce members can access them. With custom access control, you can give the employees the right to view or edit the documents, according to their roles and designation.

Templates For Creating Documents
Templates For Creating Documents

On a daily basis, HR professionals need to prepare many documents, such as new policies, contracts, offer letters, and more. Creating these documents becomes easy if they have pre-defined templates for them. Being the best HR document management software, HRM Wage allows you to generate the required documents through templates that you can customize according to your organization's requirements.

employees can view personal documents
Employees Can View Personal Documents

Our HR document management software offers a central space where every employee can store their important documents & files. By going to their profile on HRM Wage, your company's employees can view all their personal documents, like licenses, insurance, passports, etc., on the go. It makes document access effortless for the workforce's members.

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