boost your organization productivity with timesheets

Boost Your Organization’s Productivity With Timesheets

With a cloud-based software like HRM Wage, timesheets are managed online, and employees' time logs are recorded automatically. Tracking work hours and billing for various clients becomes fast and easy. You get detailed reports for different projects. After analyzing them, the project managers can work to enhance their team's productivity.

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  • detailed view of the time invested Detailed view of the time invested in a particular task or project
  • analyze the progress Analyze the progress of projects related to different clients
  • overview your tasks Overview your tasks & time resources through a centralized section
  • faster payout calculation Faster payout calculation through accurate employee time details
  • complete client billing Complete client billing on time with automatic invoicing

Get More Things Done With Less Effort

Effectively allocating the available resources according to work is the best approach for a business. However, manually tracking employee work hours is challenging and time-consuming. With HRM Wage's online timesheets, you can streamline your tasks and get more things done in less time.

get insights through timesheets
Get Insights Through Timesheets

Our timesheet approval software has time sheets designed to provide you with maximum information through them. With a single section for generating reports, approving time logs, and tracking progress, you get all the required insights correctly. With detailed analytics, HRM Wage's timesheets are the best tool to fulfill the client's requirements effectively.

fast approvals
Fast Approvals

Our timesheet management system simplifies the approval process for managers and employees. You can create a system that involves taking approvals from multiple people or a single authority, as per your company's policy. Also, the approvals can be automated to further save time and manual effort.

detailed analytics
Detailed Analytics

A good employee timesheet management system like HRM Wage allows tracking of how many hours an employee has been working on a task on a daily basis. You can compare their performance with the estimated throughput, and analyze if things are going as per the plan. With advanced analytics, you can easily track progress and find any related problems, which can be resolved to improve productivity.

integrations with other applications
Integrations With Other Applications

There are multiple applications that an organization needs to use on a daily basis for carrying out the required tasks. At HRM Wage, we understand this thing, and that's why we have given the option to integrate third-party apps. With different applications, you can track your employees' attendance and productivity in a better way.

easy to use mobile app
Easy To Use Mobile App

Time logging has never been easier, thanks to HRM Wage's simple and feature-rich mobile application. Your employees can log time details, irrespective of their location. Also, the managers, team leaders, and other authorities can use the mobile app to view schedules, manage approvals, and more.

fast and accurate billing
Fast and Accurate Billing

An online timesheet management system like HRM Wage ensures that your billing is done while taking the tax rates and currency of that specific location into account. You can do time-efficient and error-free billing for your clients, and our software's integration with third-party applications makes it simple, fast, and effective.

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