optimize your hr Initiatives with analytics

Optimize Your HR Initiatives With Analytics

With HRM Wage's comprehensive data-driven insights, your HR professionals can make an informed decision for the betterment of their campaigns. Our HR reporting software automatically analyzes the different types of data and prepares detailed reports for you. This way, optimizing the HR strategies becomes simple and easy.

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  • generate detailed reports related Generate detailed reports related to your HR campaigns
  • offer more clarity to managers Offer more clarity to managers, HR staff, and teams
  • quick identification and solution of issues Quick identification and solution of issues

Insightful Workforce Trends At Your Fingertips!

keep your employees well informed
Keep Your Employees Well Informed

With HRM Wage, your employees can see all the required data regarding their work and role in the organization. They can improve their performance after knowing about the project status, upcoming deadlines, tasks, their own rating, and much more.

provide detailed team report-to-managers
Provide Detailed Team Report To Managers

Managers must know about their teams in detail to accurately track things like project progress, team performance, etc. With HRM Wage HR reporting software, they can easily analyze such data and use it to improve the output of their team. It enables them to prepare better strategies and utilize the available resources in the best possible way.

keep seniors updated With business trends
Keep Seniors Updated With Business Trends

If the senior executives in an organization are well-informed on the company's business trends, it becomes easy for them to facilitate the required growth. An HR dashboard software enables your seniors to analyze factors like employee diversity, count, and hiring status, which helps them take your company to new heights.

get hr reports in multiple formats
Get HR Reports in Multiple Formats

HRM Wage allows the stakeholders to view the HR report in their preferred format, like pdf, CSV, and more. Plus, they can convert the reports into graphs, tables, charts, etc, according to the requirements and use it for optimizing the business.

Here are our most used report formats that our customers are already utilizing to optimize their HR management:

employee turnover
Employee Turnover

With this reporting format, you can have a brief look at the early turnover rate for every department. Accordingly, you can make newer strategies to retain employees or tweak the existing ones using the HR dashboard software.

time logs
Time Logs

Time logs are handy information sources for calculating the completion time for a project. You get a graphical representation of the estimated time VS the actual time invested in a project.

hiring vs attrition
Hiring VS Attrition

With this format, you can compare the rate at which the employees are leaving the organization against the rate at which new people are being hired. According to your requirement, you can use HRM Wage to generate monthly or yearly reports for more clarity.

growth rates
Growth Rates

Do your workforce is actually helping you grow according to modern-day business requirements? HRM Wage, being one of the best HRIS reporting systems, allows you to get the answer to this and other related questions with growth reports.

administrative reports
Administrative Reports

Want to simplify your administrative tasks? HRM Wage provides you with the department, location, and designation-based reports that give you more clarity over employee administration. Use these valuable insights and improve your people management techniques.

task charts
Task Charts

A task chart is a simple but useful representation of data that keeps you updated with the assigned, completed, and pending tasks. You can also see which employees are completing the most number of tasks with the help of one of the best HRIS reporting systems.

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